Back Online!

Mar 10, 2013

It has been a while since my last adventure into blogging.

I took the opportunity for some weekend coding to put together and update a bit my blog, so that at least I am not embarrassed by it.

This little piece of ugly code is an attempt to test the combo GitHub + Heroku + Rails.

I’ve probably lost my hand at coding, but this is truly an elegant development stack ;-)

As usual, add ViM to the mix to find perfection.

NicoMy name's Niccolò Sanarico.

I am an Oxford MBA and an engineer with a passion for innovation and startups. I currently work with dPixel, a venture capital advisory firm based in Italy, and advise a few great startups such as Wanderio. Everything you can find here is my opinion alone. You can follow me on Twitter. Find more about me on Linkedin.

P.S.: I'm experimenting with in-browser crypto-mining as a replacement for advertising in terms of user experience, see the box below.