Experimenting with alternative ways to monetise website traffic

Jun 9, 2018

Lately, I’ve been studying the crypto world quite a bit. One of the most fascinating bits is how far we still are from a real, consumer, user experience of anything crypto.

Yet, touchpoints to the general public already exist. One is the monetisation of webtraffic.

For example, I’ve been experimenting with coinhive as a way to monetise website traffic. Coinhive offers a javascript miner for Monero, that can be integrated in any website to use a bit of the user CPU to mine monero on the site owner’s account.

Setting aside the mining efficiency considerations (CPU mining? really?), I was curious to check how a different “tax on content consumption”, other than advertising, could work out in the UX flow.

To this end, I converted my startup links to coinhive shortlinks, so that every time a user wanted to visit a link, she would go through a few seconds of mining before accessing the link.

The result? Unsatisfying. Having to wait to load a link is an unbearable pain (go figure).

I might try different things going forward (e.g. permissioned mining while staying on the page?). In the meanwhile, I reverted back to straight links.

No more mining tax :-)

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