From the road

Jun 20, 2013

I’ve been heavily on the road in the last few weeks, either on the Barcamper, chasing potential investments or joining startup events up & down Italy.

Since I’m pretty sure lots of people are either waiting for an email or wondering where the hell I am, I suppose it can be useful to post a short recap of my next moves.

  • Tomorrow (21/6) I’ll join the Top-IX team at one of the Big Dive open events in Turin. It will be interesting to listen to a few pitches of BigData-related startups, while my personal contribution will be a brief presentation of the Working Capital program by Telecom Italia.

  • Next week I’ll be in Potenza on Monday (24/6) (prepping up teams&presentations for Techgarage Basilicata) and in Trento on Tuesday 25th, meeting the great guys of TechPeaks.

  • On July, 3rd, come meet me and the rest of the dPixel Scouting Team in Naples for a #WCAP event with the Barcamper.

  • If anyone in Sardinia wants to meet-up, I’ll be on the Barcamper during the Sardinia innovation Tour, in the week 8th - 12th of July.

Now you know why you are not getting any emails. Please bear with me.

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I am an Oxford MBA and a software engineer with a passion for innovation and startups. Still playing around with code. I currently work with Primomiglio SGR SpA, a venture capital firm based in Italy, previously in dpixel. Everything you can find here is my opinion alone. You can follow me on Twitter. Find more about me on Linkedin.