Product meets market: Dengen Chronicles is finally online!

Jul 16, 2013

Dengen Chronicles

Today was what I call a good day on the job.

Not because of any particular achievement, don’t get me wrong. Just, this is how I love my job. In my role as an associate in an eclectic firm such as dPixel I tend to have quite a few hectic days, but today is a very VC day.

Fundraising proceeds heavily with a few of our portfolio companies, while others are working heads down on developing their own products and markets. I love when product meets customers and the magic starts to happen, so I am particularly proud of today’s announcement by Mangatar’s team: after a few months of heavy development, of brainstormings, of pain and fun, they are finally announcing their new game: Dengen Chronicles.

I follow them closely so I know the efforts they’ve put into this game. I also know that I’m having fun playing with DG - even though there are still a few rough edges here and there.

Curious about trying it out? It is already available on the Chrome Store!

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