What's going on in Italian VC? A newsletter experiment

May 12, 2020

I have recently been in touch with investors from across Europe, and I observed one thing: apparently, Italy is quite an opaque country for several VC professionals I met, even if they had an international focus. I assume this to be related to several factors:

  • the immaturity of our ecosystem (our last unicorn was started more than two decades ago)
  • a relative linguistic barrier and
  • relatively limited connections between the Italian startup/VC ecosystem and the rest of Europe.

Since I cannot easily create a unicorn or two, I can contribute by providing more straightforward access to useful information, removing linguistic barriers.

In Spain, there is a good number of interesting mailing lists related to the Spanish and European ecosystems, published in English. They are well-curated and very enjoyable.

As such, I decided to start publishing a weekly newsletter reporting news about the Italian ecosystem (investments, exits, major events), and possibly some curated content. in case you are interested, feel free to sign up from here.

As I am still learning how to write, any feedback, comment, or referrals are absolutely welcome!

NicoMy name's Niccolò Sanarico.

I am an Oxford MBA and a software engineer with a passion for innovation and startups. Still playing around with code. I currently work with Primomiglio SGR SpA, a venture capital firm based in Italy, previously in dpixel. Everything you can find here is my opinion alone. You can follow me on Twitter. Find more about me on Linkedin.